Pool Resurfacing
& Fiberglass


InterCoast Has Specialized in Fiberglass for Over 20 Years.


  1. Measure and evaluate – We examine your pool and determine which options would best restore and preserve the surface.
  2. Review options – We’ll review all your options with you, explaining the differences clearly and help you decide which will suit you the best.
  3. Plan and proposal – We will plan the project and timeline so there will be no surprises.
  4. Preparation – The surface preparation is vital to the longevity of your surface. Our technicians are professionals and have the experience of thousands of projects.
  5. Refill and inspect – We refill the pool and inspect it to make sure it’s perfect.

Less maintenance, less chemicals and it always looks great.

We will guarantee your pool surface and it’s transferrable.

Advantages of a fiberglass finish:

  • Greatly reduces maintenance time
  • Reduces heat loss
  • Reduces algae build-up
  • 20 yr limited warranty

Step 1: Preparation

Cut seal lines below tile and around all fixtures. Hand grind pool surface area

Step 2: Bond Coat

A base coat resin is applied to insure proper bonding

Step 3: Resin Application

We apply the first coat of resin which has been specifically manufactured for pool resurfacing

Step 4: Fiberglass matt

A layer of fiberglass matt is hand laid in the damp resin to provide consistent thickness and color and provide flexibility and strength.

Step 5:  Second Resin Application

A second layer of resin is applied using special tools to smooth the surface  and conform to the pools contours.

Step 6: Final Preparation

Hand ground

Step 7: Final Finish Coat


Bring old world elegance to your pool with the superb finish of natural, durable quartz.

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Create  the serenity of a pebble bottomed stream in your own backyard! A pebble finish combines beauty with durability to create the perfect finish produced with the highest quality material. A selection of colors and textures allow you to express your own unique style.


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Customize the look and feel of your pool with quality tile. We offer a full range of luxury finishes to give your pool the shimmer and texture you’re looking for. From modern glass tile to durable ceramic, we can install the latest trends and highest quality to compliment any pool style.


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Creative Mosaic Designs

Accentuate your style with a beautiful swimming pool mosaic. With hundreds of designs to choose from, we’re certain that you will be able to find the perfect way to express your distinctive style.

Your Tampa Bay, FL Aggregate Experts & Fiberglass Specialist

From tiles to pebbles and fiberglass, we have made an art form of transforming the spaces that your family will enjoy and your friends will talk about.

All Aspects Covered


We guarantee your satisfaction and the quality of your pool & deck surfaces.

Personal Touch

We promise you no pushy sales or middle-men.

Superior Materials

Superior materials with high durability.


Our proven installation process & methods ensure your pool and deck will stay beautiful requiring less maintenance.


We work quickly and efficiently to complete your project.

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